Sgt. Pepper's Jukebox Options

Sgt. Pepper's Jukebox Options

Dime Box Remote Selector

"Dime Box" Selector

Select records from the comfort of your diner booth or wall mounting with an authentically manufactured Sound Leisure "Dime Box" selector.

Known as "Dime" or "Booth" Boxes these iconic chromed selectors were situated within seating booths and on the bars of diners during the 60's enabling selection of record tracks directly from the jukebox.

"Dime Boxes" display 50 records - both A and B sides. The Sound Leisure selector box is cast from metal using a sand casting which is then chrome plated and polished. Labels are printed using the LABEL MAGIC software included for 12 months with a jukebox purchase.

The selector box can be set to free play or can be operated by inserting a coin or token into the coin validator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Dime Box selector product is custom built to order. This may affect your rights as a consumer. Please consult our TERMS & CONDITIONS for more information.

£1,495 inc. VAT

Height: 340mm
Width: 320mm
Depth: 160mm
Weight: 5.6KG

Bluetooth ™ Connectivity

Connect a Bluetooth ™ device to the Sgt. Pepper's Jukebox with Sound Leisure's Bluetooth ™ receiver.

The Bluetooth ™ kit allows a wireless connection to be made from any compatible device to the jukebox. The receiver can connect any device that can transmit through a Bluetooth ™ connection. iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Windows phones and laptops can all wirelessly connect to the jukebox allowing music to be controlled via the device and heard in excellent quality through the jukebox.

The system is simple to setup and pair and once connected the sound quality is fantastic. This system was developed in house to allow the finest quality interaction between the system and the amplifier.

Bluetooth ™ Connectivity is included as standard

Bluetooth Connectivity
Flat Speaker

Sgt. Pepper's Speaker

The flat panel Sgt. Pepper's Transducer Speaker has been developed to complement the Sgt. Pepper's Vinyl Jukebox and is supplied with a collapsible floor stand.
The speaker is portable, lightweight and finished in red to match the jukebox cabinet.

Please Note:
Due to the audio characteristics of these speakers we do not recommend wall mounting.
Speakers are not available to purchase separately and are only available with the purchase of a jukebox.


20 Watts RMS
Impedance: 8 Ohms

£250 inc. VAT


Diameter: 650mm
Depth: 60mm
Weight: 2.20KG

Jukebox Dust Cover

Keep the Sgt. Peppers Jukebox looking fresh and dust free with one of the specially designed dust covers. Now the Sgt. Pepper's Jukebox can look as good when it is NOT being played as when it is!

Made from a soft synthetic material the dust covers are made to fit the jukebox perfectly and protect it from dust and sunlight.

£195 inc. VAT

Dust Cover